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Justin Bartak, ICBB

CEO, CTO, CMO, Startup Founder

Justin Bartak

CEO, CTO, CMO, Startup Founder

Exciting Innovative Projects I have Worked on

Managed, Developed, and Executed Apple® App Store Digital Marketing, ASO & Customer Experience Strategy to Increase Customer Traction, Engagement, Penetration, Adoption, & Growth.


Improved Apple® App Store ranking from #800 - #3 in the "CRM" category in less than three months. We did this with the right keywords, creating a compelling story/description, cultivating positive ratings/reviews, promoting in-app purchases, and making our ASO/SEO strategy work in the global marketplace.

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Developed Integrations and Fostered Strategic Partnerships with Stripe®, Zapier®, Google® (NYSE: GOOG), Apple® (NYSE: AAPL), Wordpress®, 1Password, and Others To Amplify The User Experience (UX) and Propel the Customer Experience (CX), Forward.


Integrated many popular 3rd party API’s into our CRM platforms (Gro CRM) such as Stripe, Zapier, Google, Apple, Wordpress, 1Password, and others. These API integrations and partnerships added functionally and value to our CRM customer base.

Led the Program Management teams to Integrate Rigorous, Comprehensive, Security Compliance, and Privacy Standards into our Infrastructure, Apps, Platforms, Products, and Digital eCommerce Sites.


Integrated PCI compliance, 2FA, Strict-Transport-Security (HSTS), Content-Security-Policy, X-Content-Type-Options, Referrer-Policy, Feature-Policy, Expect-CT and Access-Control-Allow-Origin, DNS CAA and network, and data encryption.

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Managed B2B/B2C SEO Strategy to Increase Search Engine Ranking, Domain/Page Authority, and Organic Customer Growth and Engagement Within the CRM Market/Industry.


Focused on core SEO tactics to increase search engine ranking, domain/page authority, and organic growth. Project included the following: Structured Data (JSON-LD), Open Graph Data, Twitter Cards, oEmbed, Search Engine Feature Snippets, High-quality backlinks, Short-tail Keywords, Long-tail Keyword, Short-term Fresh Keyword, Long-term Evergreen Keyword, Customer Defining Keyword, Geo-targeting Keyword, LSI Keyword, Levering High-value Backlinks, Long-tail voice search keyword, Social Media Engagement and more

Architected Gro CRM® App Platform (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Messages, and Apple TV) with a World-Class Award-Winning User Interface Design for the SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise Software Markets.


We utilized 15 years of knowledge, research, customer feedback, and expertise in the market to develop a next-generation CRM/ERP platform and API for the Apple® small business market.

Justin Bartak - UI/Ux Product Design, Development and Customer Experience (CX) for Gro CRM®

Architected and Guided the Digital Strategy/Deployment of the Gro CRM eCommerce Platforms and Websites.


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Justin Bartak - UI/Ux Design and Customer Experience for Gro CRM® eCommerce Site

Architected, Built, and Drove the IT Strategy/Deployment of a Scalable, Secure, High-Availability Cloud Computing Datacenter in Partnership with DigitalOcean®.


Architected, built, and deployed a global, scalable, high availability cloud data center from the ground up. Datacenter includes 30 clustered servers, multiple load balancers, clustered and replicated MySQL database servers, GIT servers, backup servers, eCommerce server cluster, DNS servers, all communicating on a fully encrypted network.

Gathered Customer, Market, and Industry Data to Drive Product Strategy, Product Development, and Program Management Ideas, Insights, and Growth Opportunities in the CRM Market, While Capitalizing on Emerging Technology and Consumer Trends.


Researched obsessively, used BI (Business Intelligence)/ OI (Operations Intelligence), and any information, data, and metrics we could attain to give us a completive edge in the marketplace.

Architected and Built a B2B/B2C eCommerce CRM/ERP API, Platform, and Website Builder that Allowed Companies to Build and Deploy Global Digital Commerce Websites to Sell their Products and Services.


Architected a scalable end-to-end eCommerce platform that allowed our CRM customers to create custom digital commerce websites to sell their products and services. This commerce platform was powered by our CRM platform and allowed organizations to manage their customers, inventory (products/services), purchase orders, payments, estimates, and invoices.

Designed and Built an Online Bill Payment CRM/ERP Platform to Send Invoices to Customers via Email and Receive Online Payments.


Customers could send quotes and invoices to their customers via email with a URL link that displayed the invoice and multiple payment options.

Developed Strategic Partnerships with Apple's Retail Global Business Development Teams (US, Europe, and Asia) to Educate and Engage Companies, Customers, Partners, and Apple Business Leaders.


Partnered with Apple's global marketing engine to promote and educate Apple business teams, potential clients, and partners on our CRM products and consumer technologies and app in the US, Europe, Japan, and China.

Spearheaded Global Go-To-Market Product Strategy To Accelerate CRM SaaS (SMB Mid-Market and Enterprise Software) Expansion and Business Growth into Europe, Japan, China, and Other Countries.


Expand CRM products, technologies, experiences, infrastructure, and partnership reach into the global market (Europe, Japan, China, and more). There were lots of moving parts and exciting challenges to make this a successful go-to-market launch.

Developed and Directed the CRM Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy to Drive Consumer Engagement, Acquisition, Brand Loyalty, and Organic Growth.


Utilized social media channels (Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn®, and others ) and outlets to drive customer engagement, interest, and acquisition. This project also increased brand equity and organic growth.

Developed, Cultivated, and Curated High-Performance Cross-Functional Teams Within the Organization to Create a Diverse Culture of Success, Innovation, and, Growth.


Spearheaded the Product Development Integrations and Strategic Partnerships with Google® (NYSE: GOOG), MailChimp®, Intuit QuickBooks® (NYSE: INTU), Deloitte®, PayPal®(NYSE: PYPL), Authroize.net®, and Others to Enhance the CRM User Experience (UX).


Integrated many popular 3rd party API’s into our CRM platforms (Elements CRM) such as Google, MailChimp, intuit QuickBooks, Deloitte, PayPal, Authroize.net, and more. These API integrations and partnerships added functionally and value to our CRM customer experience.

Architected, Built, and Guided the IT Strategy & Deployment of a Scalable, High-Availability End-to-End OpenStack-based Cloud Computing Datacenter in Strategic Partnership with Rackspace® (NYSE: REX).


Architected, built, and deployed a global, scalable, high availability cloud data center from the ground up. Datacenter includes 40 clustered servers, multiple load balancers, clustered and replicated MySQL database servers, SVN and GIT servers, backup servers, eCommerce server cluster, DNS servers.

"Building a custom data center requires a lot of resources and time to build and maintain. By moving to Rackspace(R) public cloud, powered by OpenStack(R) we are able to scale vertically and horizontally and spin up new Cloud Servers with amazing speed and agility," says Justin Bartak, Founder & CEO of Ntractive. "Rackspace gives our business cloud application and our customer's unprecedented scalability, reliability, and security. Rackspace has a strong emphasis on delivering open source cloud technologies that offer the flexibility our customers demand to address their unique business needs," says John Engates, CTO of Rackspace. "We're excited to offer Ntractive an OpenStack-based cloud solution, coupled with our renowned Fanatical Support(R), to help them effectively run their business and provide greater value to their customers."

Created, Built, and Influenced the Development of a CRM/ERP Data Analytics Visualization Status Board Platform/API that Streamed Enterprise Software Data in Real-time.


Developed the Digital Marketing Strategies and High-Performance Teams to Develop Innovative Marketing Campaigns that Disrupted the Apple® Small Business Market. The Result was We Increased Brand Equity, Overall Customer Experience, and User Acquisition.


Set the digital marketing vision and processes to increase market share while shaping, influencing, and executing an aggressive digital strategy to drive industry disruption and brand equity growth.

Created and Built the eCommerce Sites and Drove the SEO, SEM, PPC, ASO, and Social Marketing Strategies to Grow Brand/Product Awareness, Adoption, and Growth in The CRM Market While Creating a World-Class Customer Experience.


Increase our customer base, brand recognition, and overall global digital growth by ranking our brand on search engines/blogs and building domain/page authority in our market/industry.

Architected, Built, and Directed the Deployment of an On-Premise Scalable, High-Availability End-to-End Global Datacenter From the Ground-up.


Architected, built, and deployed a global, scalable, high availability data center from the ground up. Datacenter included 25 clustered servers, redundant routers with three large data pipes connected with BGP, clustered firewalls/IPS systems, global load balancers, a mix of clustered and replicated database servers, metadata file servers, and onsite and offsite backup systems and more.

Created the Roadmap to Execute the Organizational Vision and Deliver KPIs, OKRs, and Successful Outcomes and Customer Experiences in The Industry.


Developed Long-term Strategies Through Competitive Analysis, Competitive Intelligence, Marketplace Research, SWOT Analysis, Actions Plans, and other Methodologies/Tactics to Propel Strategic Growth Opportunities and Successful Outcomes in the Marketplace.


Raised Series A and B Investment Capital from Angels and VC to Drive Growth, Expansion, and Disruption in the CRM Market and Industry.


After Apple's extreme interest in our innovative technologies and winning North Dakota's Innovate ND contest, we raised Series A and B investment capital from Angel and VC investors to accelerate growth, expansion, and marketplace disruption.

Architected, Built and, Deployed an Innovative CRM Technology and Hybrid Cloud Platform (Elements CRM®) for the Apple® Business Market (SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise) That Captured the Attention of Apple® (NYSE: AAPL) and the Industry.


Architected and designed a cloud-based hybrid-web application that looked and behaved like a native desktop application (90% web app /10% desktop app). This innovative technology and UI/UX/CX grabbed the attention of Apple® and led to Ntractive speaking at the IT State of the Union keynote presentation at Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference). It also resulted in raising Angel and VC investment capital plus many opportunities to speak at flagship Apple stores in the US and around the world (Europe, Japan, China).

Led the Teams that Created B2B/B2C eCommerce Sites, Systems, Data Infrastructures, and Customer Experiences for Financial Customers Apple®(NYSE: AAPL) and Partners Intuit® (NYSE: INTU), Blackbaud® (NYSE: BLKB), Sage Group® (NYSE: SGPYY) and others.


Architected, Built, and Deployed eCommerce customer experiences, data infrastructures, systems, and sites for our financial customer and partner (Intuit®, Blackbaud®, Sage Group®, and others), to purchase products/services, manage their accounts, and more.

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